Our Grange Community

The community surrounding the Guiding Star Grange actually consists of several separate but overlapping groups. Sometimes this leads to confusion, as the label "Grange" has been bandied about in many different contexts—to describe each of the groups, the national parent organization, the building itself...

Each of these communities is open to all, and encourages you to get more involved. Come join us!

Grange organization
The Grange is a national network of state, regional, and local community groups, founded during the latter part of the 19th century for the purpose of promoting the spiritual and social well-being of farm families. In 1873 Greenfield farmers organized the first Grange in Massachusetts, our local Guiding Star Grange #1, not far from our present building. Many dancers and musicians in our area are members of the Grange, whose mission has broadened to encompass many facets of community enrichment.

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Friends organization
The Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc., formerly known as the Friends of the Guiding Star Grange (FGSG), now have their own site.
Dance community
If your primary interest in the Guiding Star Grange is around the contra dance scene, you probably already know how to find us in person—check out our Events calendar for public dances that rent our hall. Outside of dances, here are a couple of places online where that community hangs out the rest of the time.

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